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      Happy Birthday, Theatrik!

      Balloons and confettiIt’s been exactly one year since I posted the first blog piece for Theatrik (check out “It’s Theatrik, with a ‘K’”), so essentially that makes today Theatrik’s first birthday! Shortly after writing that piece I officially opened Theatrik’s online shop to customers, selling actor-centric items such as light kits, backdrops, plays and stage makeup, along with gift items including candles, cards and stickers. Over time the inventory has grown and changed, but the overall goal remains the same: provide affordable products and resources to actors so they can “break a leg” without breaking the bank.

      One of the best parts of owning this business is getting feedback from customers. For example, on social media many of you expressed your dislike for the traditional dark blue pop-up backdrops because the color is not very flattering on camera. Thus, I began looking at other color possibilities and found a manufacturer that could produce backdrops more suitable for self-tape purposes.

      Your feedback is invaluable to a small business owner like myself. Ordered something from Theatrik recently? I’d love for you to leave a review! Looking for a particular play? Let me know and I’ll try to get it in the shop. Need other equipment for your self-tapes, but having trouble finding it? Drop me a line - I’ll see if it’s something I can make available.

      Aside from products, what resources would you like Theatrik to provide? Perhaps you’d like to read more interviews with industry professionals, or you’d like to learn more about the different crew jobs on a set. The more feedback you provide the better I can serve you.

      Most importantly, I want you to know how much I appreciate your input, so I’m offering you a special discount. Just email your feedback to hello@shoptheatrik.com, and I’ll reply with a discount code you can use in the shop. It’s a birthday treat for us both!